Try, Try Again

Last year about this time, I was all gung ho about filling this blog with my experiences as a father, husband, artist and all around guydom. Well, as you can see that didn’t pan out well. After being reminded by my awesome wife and fellow life adventurer that I should write about our somewhat complex, sometimes frustrating but always amazing life, here I go again.

Last night I was also reminded how amazing my life really is. After speaking with my longtime friend Bob Duncan, he concluded our conversation by telling me that I was so lucky to have my life full of joy, creativity and love. I would have to agree. More about Bob Duncan later.

I would like to finish my first entry by expressing my gratitude for all the amazing people in my life which I’m sure will be littered throughout this blog in the near future. I would like to express my extreme gratitude for and to Lin; through thick and thin, she has always been there for me. I can’t imagine my life without her. Lin and I have created four beautiful children which I also can’t imagine my life without. I truly believe they have more to teach me then I do them.

So, that concludes my first entry. I’m looking forward to writing more about our big adventure. See y’all soon!




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